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Puppy Training Loddon, Norfolk

Puppy Training & Behaviour

In person in Norfolk, or anywhere in the UK via video call.

Getting a puppy is so exciting! Puppies are bundles of energy, fun & enjoyment. But... the initial puppy period isn't always straightforward & easy to navigate. There's a lot to consider & lots of questions to be answered, such as how to socialise your puppy appropriately, how to toilet train, whether to use a crate, when to start basic training, what to do about those sharp puppy teeth nipping you & so much more!

It's ALOT to consider all at once!

Why's it important to get it right and understand your puppies behaviour? Because... getting things right during the puppy period will increase your chance of raising a puppy into a content adult dog.

That's why getting the right guidance tailored to your situation is so valuable!

Whether you're waiting to bring home your puppy and want to start as you mean to go on, or you've already welcomed your puppy & you really need some support & guidance...

I can help!

Proactive Puppy Support

These sessions are perfect for before you welcome home your puppy!

Sessions can cover anything & everything relevant to welcoming & settling your new puppy in at home.

Examples of what can be covered include:

• Learning more about how dogs learn

• How to introduce your puppy to another pet

• How to toilet train

• What to do about puppy biting & mouthing

• How to use a crate

• How to get your dog used to being alone

• & much more!

What happens after the session?

You can book as much follow up support or as many practical puppy training sessions as you want.

Sessions take place via video call, or at my consultation room in Chedgrave, Norfolk.

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Puppy Training & Behaviour Support

Puppy Training & Behaviour Support is ideal if you’re struggling with your puppies behaviour!

My puppy behaviour support aims to help you feel confident in understanding your puppies behaviour & how to move forward.

Sessions are bespoke & tailored to your situation.

What my one month puppy support period includes:

• An hour & a half session to meet you & your puppy & discuss your struggles. Then, we’ll put a plan in place to help things!

• A follow up personalise puppy training & behaviour guide

• One months support to ask questions & receive feedback via email, or Voxer (a free app similar to WhatsApp).

Sessions take place via video call, or at my consultation room in Chedgrave, Norfolk.


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Puppy Advice

Proactive Puppy Support

Are you about to welcome home a new puppy & you want to be proactive & ready to start as you mean to go on?

Proactive Puppy Session Cost: £75

Puppy Training

Puppy Behaviour Support

Have you recently welcomed home a puppy & you're struggling & wondering what to do? My bespoke puppy training & behaviour support can help you get back on track!

One Month Puppy Behaviour Support Cost: £200

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Puppy Training Classes Norfolk

More about puppy behaviour advice & guidance...

It’s such an exciting time when you bring a puppy into the family & training should be enjoyable for all involved. But… sometimes the huge amounts of conflicting information out their can be overwhelming. It makes it hard to know what to do for the best & you end up confused. Not helped by the fact everyone loves to give their opinion on your puppies behaviour & offer their well meaning tips & tricks.

So, having educated, realistic & clear guidance, not to mention support can be a welcomed relief!

My puppy behaviour & training sessions are truly bespoke & aim to support you in reaching your training goals & handling any problems you’re struggling with.

Puppy training & behaviour advice & guidance can help you with the following:

• Learning how to appropriately socialise your puppy

• Toilet training

• Managing puppy biting

• Teaching your puppy how to settle in different environments

• Understanding how your puppy learns

• Teaching basic training skills

• How to use a crate effectively

•  Managing puppies around children & visitors

•  Introducing your puppy to other pets

& any other advice or guidance relevant to you!

Ready to get started?