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Dog Behaviour Support

In person in Norfolk, or anywhere in the UK via video call.

It's so exciting when you welcome home a new dog & they bring so much fun, joy & companionship to your life. But, then they start to act in a problematic way & it's really difficult to understand why.

It's also impossible to know how to change things for the best with the never ending supply of conflicting information coming at you from all angles (from well meaning friends & family, that quick google search you did, the Facebook forum full of opinions, or the neighbour that loves to comment on your dog's behaviour). So, your relationship with your pet starts to break down & you just don't know what to do for the best.

Sound familiar?

If your dog's behaviour is leaving you feeling stressed, anxious, or confused... it's the right time to get some support!

That's what I'm here for! To help you understand your dog & why they're behaving as they are. Then, I'll support you in reaching your goals for your dog's behaviour change.

You can get your relationship with your dog back on track & return to enjoying all the delights your canine companion brings you!

Dog Behaviour Support

This is right for you if you need help with an existing dog behaviour or training problem.

Dog behaviour support can help you learn to understand your dog’s behaviour & move forward towards change & a less stressful life!

Whether they’re showing aggression, anxiety, reacting to people, dogs, traffic on walks, showing obsessive behaviours, overexcitement, or any other problematic behaviour, I can help.

My dog behaviour support includes 3 months of support to help you feel confident moving forward! You get:

•An hour & a half session where I assess your dog’s behaviour and give you my recommendations on how to move forward.

• A follow up, personalised plan & guide summarising your dog’s behaviour, including my pragmatic advice on what change you can achieve & how to you can go about this.

• A half hour video call follow up session.

• 3 months support to ask questions & discuss any concerns or struggles you’re having using email or Voxer (a free Walkie Talkie app).

What happens after your initial dog behaviour support period is completed?

You can sign up to as much follow up support as you would like!

Sessions take place via video call, or at my consultation room in Chedgrave, Norfolk.

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Rescue dog support

Dog Behaviour Support

Are you having a challenging time with your dog's behaviour?

My dog behaviour support can help you move forward & work towards that much needed change!

Dog Behaviour cost (3 month support period): £350

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What's involved in working with me...

Are you ready to understand more about your dog’s behaviour & be proactive, or begin your journey to change and life without the stress you’re feeling?

Well, there’s no time like the present… lets lift that weight off your shoulders!


I understand that working towards change & learning to understand new concepts isn’t always a straightforward path. So, my options for dog behaviour advice & guidance include support periods.

I want to help you understand more about your dog’s behaviour, what’s achievable for your specific situation & what it’ll take to get to a point you’re happy with. Then support you in applying my guidance!

From my experience, it’s much easier to help your pet when you’ve got someone to turn to & that’s why I always encourage you to take up ongoing support.

You have the option to contact me using Voxer, a free walkie talkie app. This means you can get in touch and ask those niggling questions, get reassurance that you’re making progress, ask for feedback, or just have somewhere non judgemental to vent how you’re feeling about your pet.

You’ll also have priority for ongoing support & sessions with me if you choose…

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Veterinary liaison

Vet referral will be required for any services which aim to address behaviour problems which have already established.

Vet referral is a really easy process. I’ll ask you to get in touch with your vets & request that they sign my referral form. This way I can keep your vets in the loop & chat to them about your case if necessary.

Why might I need to liaise with your vet?…. well, a dog’s health can affect their behaviour, so to it’s important that I’m aware of their vet history & any health conditions so I can help you best. In some cases, behaviour can also be an indicator of pain, so it’s important for vets & behaviourists to work together to help you achieve the best results!

The form your vet needs to complete can be found here.

Still not sure?

If you’d like to get started, but still have a few questions you’d like to discuss first… you can book a free 15 minute chat to learn more about how I work here…

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