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Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour – Terms & Conditions

Organise A Chat

A book a chat 15 minute call option is intended to give you a chance to ask questions about my pet behaviour support options & decide if I’m a good fit to work with you. It will not be possible to give advice about your pet’s behaviour on this call. This is because I can’t give advice before assessing a pet.

Pet Behaviour Support

Consultations take place at either;

  • My office in Chedgrave, Norfolk (specific terms for this can be found below).
  • Via phone or video call.
  • As a home visit (a mileage charge will apply).

Veterinary Referral

Pet behaviour problems will not be addressed without veterinary referral. The online form your vet will need to complete can be found on the homepage of my website under ‘vet referral service’. After your support period, if I have not received an update from you, your case will be signed off and returned to the referring vet practice.

Disclosure Of Information

All information relating to your pet’s behaviour must be disclosed, for example but not limited to, fear, aggression, past problems, any bite history, health conditions etc. This is essential to ensure your case can be properly assessed.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment for any service must be made on booking. You can pay via Stripe or PayPal. PayPal gives the option to split the payment into 3.

Cancellation or re-arrangement requires at least 72 working hours’ notice (working hours are classed as Monday – Friday). Subject to the reason provided, the session may be re-arranged, or refunded.

If you do not attend a session without a valid reason, the session will be lost.

All 1:1 service prices include a £15.00 admin fee. This is non-refundable and will be deducted from any refunds given.

If for any reason Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour needs to cancel or re-arrange an appointment, then a full refund will be given, via the same method of payment within 7 days, or another session will be arranged for as soon as is possible.

Home Visits

Home visits are offered within a 15 mile radius of my venue (NR14 6BS).

Please note that I always aim to arrive on time. However, if I am running more than 10 minutes late I will always aim to contact you and let you know.

Please note that parking within a reasonable walking distance is required for a home visit.

Please ensure your dog is on lead, behind a barrier, or in another room on my arrival.

Formal Behaviour Assessments For Organisations

Dogs & cats must be always kept under control when we enter premises to assess a pet. This will normally include having the pet safely in another room, or on lead initially. If it is safe to do so any introductions will then be carefully organised.

Information relating to the pet and the assessment purpose will need to be provided before the visit.

Pet Insurance Claims

I am happy to complete any paperwork required for you to submit a claim with your pet insurance provider. Please note however I do not accept direct payments from insurance companies.

If you plan to claim back my fees, I always advise confirming with your policy provider that you will be covered before commencing behaviour support.


All services with Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour require the main service user to be 18 or over years of age.

Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour has the right to refuse to provide a service, or to terminate services, if it is not felt that the client & service provider relationship is a good fit. Attempts will always be made to refer to others who are suitably qualified if this is the case.

Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour has appropriate public liability & professional indemnity insurance in place.

Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour hopes that all advice given is useful & helpful, however cannot take any responsibility for the misinterpretation of advice.

Any advice or guidance given on blogs, or social media is intended to be generic & is not tailored to your situation. It is always advised that you seek specific advice for your situation.

Enquiries & any form of client communication is responded to as soon as possible, within business hours.

Terms & Conditions For Sessions at – The Meadows, Hardley Road, Chedgrave, Norfolk, NR14 6BS:

When arriving for your session, please drive through the double wooden five bar gates & park on the gravel area outside the barn.

Please ensure your dog is on a lead at all times. The site is not a secure environment.

Due to the potential for injury, flexi/extendable leads are not permitted to be used on site.

Use of the premises is entirely at your own risk.

We are not responsible for any injury which may occur onsite. It is recommended that your dog is insured for both injury & third party liability.

Please be aware that there are other animals onsite, including horses. Dogs must always be kept under control around them.

Please ensure that if your dog toilets, it’s appropriately picked up & disposed of as directed straight away.

Sessions will be cancelled onsite if there are extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat, rain, storms or snow & ice. In these cases, sessions will either be on zoom, or they will be re-arranged or refunded. Sessions may also be cancelled or rescheduled due to unforeseen reasons. If this is the case, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Please do not bring your dog on to the premises if they have been unwell within the last 48 hours, or in contact with an unwell dog (of unknown cause or known to be a contagious illness).

Cars parked at the premises are parked at your own risk. We cannot take responsibility for any loss, damage or theft to your vehicle, or your property. Please also ensure you park considerately of other clients and our neighbours.

Please wear suitable footwear onsite. The area is uneven in places & may be wet & slippery.

Children must always be accompanied & supervised by a responsible adult.

Please ensure you respect other clients & our neighbours & keep noise to a minimum.

Dogs must be kept under control at all times, including being on lead & a safe distance away from other dogs. Please do not approach other dogs, unless you have been specifically advised to do so. You are always liable for your dog’s actions.

Accessibility Statement:

Access to the site is via two gates leading to parking on a gravel driveway. My office is accessed via a grassy & uneven area by foot. It may be slippery & muddy at certain times of the year. There is access for client use of a compostable toilet. Water & a dog bed will be available for your dog to use during the consultation. Please get in touch with any further questions about my office and facilities.

Privacy Policy:

In accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). 

You are agreeing to be bound to this policy, by using Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour’s website & services.

Your Data

Any personal information taken, will be relevant for the purpose of contacting you, or for the service provided & will be kept securely, in line with applicable data protection laws. Any information requested is necessary to be able to carry out the service, however you are always in control of what information you choose to provide. 

Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour will not discuss your personal information with anyone, unless you have given us written authorisation to do so, for example but not limited to, for veterinary liaison, for pet insurance reasons, or unless required by law. Your data will not be shared with any third parties for the purposes of marketing.

How Your Data Is Stored

Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour has a policy of storing your data securely, for a period of 7 years from last contact. This allows for a support period of up to a year & takes into account The Limitation Act (1980) which provides timescales within which action may be taken for breaches of the law.

Data Relating To Children

It may be necessary for Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour to lawfully collect, securely store & share with third parties (such as adoption or fostering agency personnel or veterinary personnel), data relevant to children, if an adult with responsibility for the child engages in Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour services & gives authorisation. All reasonable effort will be taken to ensure that the adult giving consent does have legal responsibilities for the child. 

Changing Or Removing Your Data

Please contact Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour if you wish to see copies of information stored which contains your personal data, or if you would like us to rectify your personal information, which you believe to be inaccurate. If you wish to stop correspondence with Wag & Purr, or would like information removed from our records, please contact us & measures will be taken to comply with this, within 28 days of receipt of the request, subject to any necessary lawful data retention.


Cookies enable us to identify your computer, track your behaviour on our website & to identify your particular areas of interest. We may use cookies to collect & store personal data & we may link information stored by cookies with any personal data you provide. You can choose to reject cookies if you wish, but please be aware this may restrict access to some areas of the website.


Any website content, including blogs, text, graphics & photos, which isn’t under the General Public License ( is owned by Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour & is all rights reserved in relation to copyright. Any content provided in follow up plans & guides is property of Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour, unless referenced otherwise and is subject to copyright restrictions.

Policy Changes

The information in this policy may be changed from time to time, so please check back regularly if you wish to be kept up to date. Please contact Lauren at Wag & Purr Pet Behaviour with any questions.