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November 2023

Get To Know My Pets & Me: My Journey So Far

Have you ever met a dog that changed your life? I did. Her name is Poppy, a rescue who turned my world upside down and set me on a career path I’d never anticipated.

I’m Lauren, now a clinical animal behaviourist and in this episode, I wanted you to get to know me and how I got to where I am today. I’ll share with you the trials and triumphs of living with Poppy, how our journey together opened my eyes to the complex world of animal behaviour. I also chat about deciding to welcome my second dog Ivy to our family and how together we enjoy plenty of dog training fun.

I want Fur Real Conversations to be an honest and safe place where pet owners can ask questions, empathise and motivate each other so that together, we can lead the best life possible with our pets.

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