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Puppy Training Loddon, Norfolk

Puppy Training & Behaviour

Wondering where to start with puppy training? ...

Getting a new puppy is so exciting! Puppies bring smiles, laughter and so much joy.

But... it can be daunting and sometimes they're a struggle. They're full of energy and those razor sharp puppy teeth really can hurt! You're left wondering if you're doing the right thing and other people are full of opinions about the best way you should be raising your puppy.

Thankfully, with the right support, you can feel confident about raising your new puppy!

You can learn how best to train them and handle any problems you encounter, using the latest and kindest approach (there's a whole lot of out-dated information out there, which often isn't in the best interests of you or your puppy!)

Want to know how you can achieve this and get up-to-date, ethical and realistic advice about your puppy? Keep reading...

New Puppy Support Session

Starting on the right path is a really worthwhile investment. This is because you’re being proactive in preventing problems and you’ll be able to enjoy your new puppy from the get go. You’ll also be able to feel confident in handling any challenges which arise.

My START ON THE RIGHT PATH session can help you if:

• You’re planning to bring a new puppy into the family and you don’t know where to start.

• You’ve just welcomed a new puppy to the home and have lots of puppy training questions.

• You’re not sure how best to introduce your new puppy to other pets, or children in the home.

• You’ve read conflicting advice about puppy training and want to know what’s going to work for you and your puppy.

Your START ON THE RIGHT PATH session includes:

An hour and a half in person advice and guidance session at my venue.

You can also add on 3 x one hour 1:1 sessions, if you want to delve deeper and continue puppy training with my help. Sessions are tailored to you.

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Puppy Training Advice

Start On The Right Path

Puppy - Training & Behaviour Guidance.

Location:The Meadows, Hardley Road, Chedgrave, NR14 6BS/ or remote via video call.

Hour & A Half Session Cost: (£75)

Cost With Extra Support (3 x individual training sessions): (£225)

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Puppy Training Classes Norfolk

What are the benefits of puppy training?

Puppy training is a totally worthy investment, here’s why:

• Dog’s provide us with so much love and companionship, but sometimes they can develop problem behaviours, which make them tricky to live with. Learning about your puppies’ behaviour and how best to train them from the beginning means you’re more likely to avoid problems.

• Both you and your dog will be set up for success!

• You’ll learn how to appropriately socialise your puppy and most importantly, how to avoid overwhelming them in the process!

• If you encounter any problems down the line, you’ll know where to go for support.

• You can build a confident and mutually understanding relationship with your puppy from the get go!

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Please note… At this time I’m unfortunately unable to take on new clients. Please sign-up to my email updates if you would like to be updated about when I re-open my books to new clients. I hope for this to be in September, if not sooner.

I recommend visiting either the APBC or ABTC websites to find another qualified professional, who can hopefully help you sooner.

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