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Dog Training & Behaviour Support

Wondering what to do about your dog's training & behaviour struggles?

You're concerned that you don't seem to be getting anywhere with your dog's training or behaviour. You really want to change things, but you just don't know how! There's so much conflicting information out there and everyone likes to offer their opinions, making you really confused.

Don't worry... You're in the right place for support!

As a qualified dog behaviourist and trainer in Norwich, Norfolk, I can help you!

I'm a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and I've helped many people and their dogs with a range of behaviour and training struggles. But, I've also been there with my own dog, so I know exactly what it's like to be fed up and struggle with your dog's behaviour, even though you can't imagine life without them. This means I can totally relate to your experience and I can use my extensive education and experience to help you find a way forwards!

Want my help? Find out more below...

Reactivity On Walks

Does your dog regularly bark, lunge, growl or pull towards other dogs on walks?

Do they bark and growl at people walking past?

Are they wound up by passing traffic?

Do they attempt to chase vehicles, joggers, bikes or birds?

Would you love to have peaceful walks, without the constant reactivity and stress that comes with it?

A Reactivity On Walks consultation can help you understand why your dog is reactive and develops you a plan for working towards achieving calm and enjoyable walks.

After a consultation, you have a support period and the opportunity to book 3 x 1 hour bespoke practical sessions to implement recommended training.

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Aggression In The Home

Are you worried about your dog showing aggression in the home?

Have they growled, snapped or bitten, causing stress and worry about why it happened?

Would you like to understand why it’s happened and find a safe and worry free way forwards?

An Aggression In The Home consultation can help with displays of aggression in the home towards people, or other animals. It aims to help you understand why your dog is showing aggression and provide you with realistic and supportive advice about how you can move forwards.

After a consultation, you’ll have a 6 month support period with monthly check-ins and the opportunity to book follow up calls if beneficial.

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Canine Confidence Building

Are you worried your dog is anxious, nervous or fearful?

Does their nervousness cause difficulties, for example with grooming, getting in the car, or struggling with loud noises?

Do they always seem scared and wary of new people or places?

Would you like to help your dog build confidence?

A Canine Confidence Building consultation can help you put a plan in place to help your dog feel comfortable and increase their confidence.

After a Confidence Building consultation, you’ll have a 4 month support period with monthly check in’s from me.

You can also book recommended follow on half hour practical support sessions, so you can have on going practical guidance.

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Dog Training Sessions

Does your dog run off and not come back when called?

Do they pull on lead and make walks a real struggle?

Does your dog lack focus and struggle to listen to you?

Is getting them to settle down a real struggle, meaning you can’t get a minutes peace?

If the above sounds familiar, my dog training sessions can help you learn all about how to effectively and kindly train your dog.

Dog training sessions include:

4 x 1 hour 1:1 training sessions tailored to you & access to my feedback on training videos via WhatsApp. (You’ll see much better results if you put into practise what you’ve learnt outside of sessions, so use this to your advantage!).

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Reactive Dog Barking

Reactivity On Walks Support

Location: The Meadows, Hardley Road, Chedgrave, Norfolk, NR14 6BS/ or remote via video call.

Cost: (£260)

Find out more about what's involved HERE

Aggressive Dog Support

Aggression In The Home Support

Location: The Meadows, Hardley Road, Chedgrave, Norfolk, NR14 6BS/ or remote via video call.

Cost: (£260)

Find out more about what's involved HERE

Scared Dog

Canine Confidence Building Support

Location: The Meadows, Hardley Road, Chedgrave, Norfolk, NR14 6BS/ or remote via video call.

Cost: (£260)

Find out more about what's involved HERE

Dog Training in Norwich

Dog Training Sessions

4 x 1 Hour Individual Sessions With WhatsApp Support.

Location: The Meadows, Hardley Road, Chedgrave, Norfolk, NR14 6BS.

Cost: 4 x1:1 sessions (£250)

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Poppy the dog sitting like a good dog

Dog Behaviour Support

Would you like support with your dog’s behaviour? Are you done with feeling exhausted, worried, frustrated and feeling like things will never get any better? The reality is, dog behaviour problems can be really hard to live with. But… it doesn’t have to remain that way!

Get my support with your dog’s aggression, reactivity, or to build their confidence.

Client Testimonial…

Lauren communicates in a very clear and practical way and she’s so kind and understanding. Her approach has been very thorough and reassuring and she spots the small stuff too. I have followed her advice and suggestions and now have a much more harmonious trio of hounds and a much less stressed me! The added support of being able to WhatsApp Lauren with any queries or concerns is an added bonus and helps me nip any niggling concerns in the bud. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lauren – she really knows her stuff and she’s made a world of difference to me and my dogs. Thank you!
(Sarah and her 3 dogs)

What a consultation involves…

Through exploring your dog’s history, health, routine, environment, interactions, training and much more, I’ll help you understand why your dog is behaving as they are.

Then, I’ll explain what will be required to make change, provide you with realistic strategies to make things easier, help you develop the necessary training skills you need and support you in achieving peace of mind and getting to where you want to be with your dog.

How it works…

1. Follow the relevant booking link above to schedule in your initial consultation.

2. Send my vet referral form to your registered vet and ask them to complete, sign and return it to me.

Vet Referral Form

3. Complete and send me your dog behaviour questionnaire, along with any video footage you have of your dog’s problem behaviour.

Dog Behaviour Questionnaire

4. After your initial 2 hour consultation, you’ll receive an assessment report and plan and have a support period where you can email/WhatsApp me questions, or for feedback on videos. I’ll also check in with you monthly to see how you’re getting on.

5. You’ll also have the option to book recommended follow up support sessions!

If you have questions… please do get in touch!…

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Dog Behaviour & Training FAQs

Please note… At this time I’m unfortunately unable to take on new clients. Please sign-up to my email updates if you would like to be updated about when I re-open my books to new clients. I hope for this to be in September, if not sooner.

I recommend visiting either the APBC or ABTC websites to find another qualified professional, who can hopefully help you sooner.

No, thanks!