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Cat Behaviourist Support

Are you struggling with your cat's behaviour and not sure what to do for the best? Do you want to get things back on track, so you can enjoy life with your cat?

As a qualified cat behaviourist in Norwich, Norfolk, I can help you understand your cat's behaviour, what changes you'll need to make to move forwards and then help and support you with making these changes.

It can be really difficult to know what to do for the best when your much loved feline companion is causing you frustration, embarrassment, stress and worry. Support and guidance can help you find a realistic, safe and worry free way forwards.

Together, we can look at your cat's life and your situation, to find the best way to get things back on track, for you and your cat!

Cat Behaviour Support

Are you concerned about your cat hissing and biting, causing you stress and worry?

Can they be overly rough with play, causing you concern?

Are they toileting inappropriately and not using the litter tray, which is driving you crazy?

Are you concerned they’re not getting on with, or scared by other pets?

Do you think they’re fearful or anxious and it worries you?

If you need help with the above, a Purrfect Way Forwards Consultation can help you!

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Cat Training

A Purrfect Way Forwards

Location: Remote via video call.

Cost: (£260)

Find out more about what's involved HERE

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Cat Behaviour Support

Would you like support with your cat’s behaviour? Are you done with feeling exhausted, worried, frustrated and feeling like things will never get any better? The reality is, cat behaviour problems can be really hard to live with. But… it doesn’t have to remain that way!

Get my support with finding a way forwards with your cat’s behaviour.

What a consultation involves…

Through exploring your cat’s history, health, routine, environment, interactions, and much more, I’ll help you understand why your cat is behaving as they are.

Then, I’ll explain what will be required to make change, provide you with realistic strategies to make things easier, help you develop the necessary training skills you need and support you in achieving peace of mind and getting to where you want to be with your cat.

How it works…

1. Follow the booking link above to schedule in your initial consultation.

2. Send my vet referral form to your registered vet and ask them to complete, sign and return it to me.

Vet Referral Form

3. Complete and send me your cat behaviour questionnaire, along with any video footage you have of your cat’s behaviour.

Cat Behaviour Questionnaire

4. After your initial 2 hour consultation, you’ll receive an assessment report and plan and have a 4 month support period where you can email/WhatsApp me questions, or for feedback on videos. I’ll also check in with you monthly to see how you’re getting on.

5. You’ll also have the option to book recommended follow up support sessions!

If you have questions… please do get in touch!…

Drop me a message

Cat Behaviour Support FAQs

Please note… At this time I’m unfortunately unable to take on new clients. Please sign-up to my email updates if you would like to be updated about when I re-open my books to new clients. I hope for this to be in September, if not sooner.

I recommend visiting either the APBC or ABTC websites to find another qualified professional, who can hopefully help you sooner.

No, thanks!