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Cat Behaviour Support

In person in Norfolk, or anywhere in the UK via video call.

Cats can be excellent companions! But... sometimes living with a cat doesn't go quite as you'd hoped & problems somehow work their way in....

From not getting on with other resident cats or dogs... to aggression, excessive scratching, or even inappropriate toileting... these problems can be well... stressful, to say the least!

Maybe you've recently introduced a new feline friend to the family & you're wondering where things went wrong?! Or... perhaps a new problem has creeped it's way in & you want to get on top of it sooner, rather than later...

Well... you're in the right place. I'm here to help you feel confident, prepared & ready to face any problems you're experiencing with your cat! Want to know more?...

Cat Behaviour Support

Ideal if you’re struggling with your cat’s behaviour

Cat Behaviour Advice Investment:

Online: £350

Home Visit (travel included): £400

(home visits are available within a 15 mile radius of me)

Due to my accreditations if you have a pet insurance policy which covers behaviour you may be able to claim back my fees – policy dependant.

This is perfect for you if you’re finding yourself stressed, worried, or frustrated over your cat’s behaviour!

My expert advice & support can help you find a way forward & support you with your cat’s behaviour.

Cat Behaviour Support Can Give You Expert, Pragmatic Advice & Guidance.

• An hour & a half initial assessment, to help you understand your cat’s behaviour & offer guidance on how you can get back on track.

• A follow up guide & plan with all the information I think you’ll need to make any recommended changes.

• A 3o minute follow up video call session.

• Complimentary Voxer (a free walkie talkie app) or email support for 3 months.

Can you have more support after the initial assessment?


You can book follow on sessions to support you with achieving behaviour change after the 3 months.

Sessions take place via video call, or I offer home visits within a 15 mile radius of NR14 6BS.

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Get things back on track

Are you wondering how things can continue as they are with your cat?

I can help you punderstand your cat's behaviour and put a plan in place to get things back on track.

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How does cat behaviour support with me work?

Whether you’re a first time cat owner… or you’ve owned cats all your life, but need a little support this time around…

Get in touch to see how I can help!

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I’m a huge believer that if you want to see change you have to work at it. So, it’s ideal to have support & expertise on your journey. That’s why I offer a 3 month programme of support!

Why’s this beneficial?… because you’ll feel supported & motivated to carry out any recommended training or behaviour change. You can ask questions when they pop into your head, get feedback on your progress, or vent any frustrations.

I want you to feel confident in understanding what’s going on & how change can be achieved.

Veterinary referral

Vet referral is an easy process you’ll need to follow if you want my help with an existing behavioural problem.
It simply involves asking your vet to complete a form & return it to me.

What’s the purpose of vet referral? Well… cat behaviour can be influenced by their overall health, so referral means I can communicate with your vet if required & means everyone is on the same page going forwards… giving you the best support possible!

The form your vet needs to complete can be found here.


Ready to get started, but you’d like a quick chat first to see if I’m right for you & your cat… well you can organise this here…

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